Sunday, February 4, 2018

عدل عمر

لم يكن عدل عمر مطلق باي مقياس، لكنه اثر فينا ولو لفظا للان
لم تكن نتائجه مبهرة
فلماذا اخترنا هذا النموذج دون سواه؟
افضل احساس عمر بالناس ع عدل عمر
عمر اكثر من عدل غند تحمل المسئولية

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

AI Singularity and Conscious

I wish the day of AI singularity is very soon, the day we ll make not even a human intelligent likes machines, but more even, a super intelligent machines.
We will creat x-3 Aristotle like machine, but more genius, more productive.
and we will follow him on Facebook, waiting everyday posts.
I imagines he/it will not only discovered a new philosophy,or the most deep secrets of the world-universe-multivese or whatever we call.
but deeper and more secrets behind, secrets which we even never thought or imaging.
To go to this singularity moment, we need first to create a concisions to our new creatures or machines.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love n time

I feel down
From dawn to night
Am i wasn't be
Your favorite Knight
Wasn't you love me
Wasn't i were your right
Your dark eyes
Wasn't that bright
This magnificent smile
Is now a damn fight

I feel okay
That you beside
Your sweet red cheeks
And snowy tooth white
Your rosy lips
Your sweet love bite

I feel away
I missed your heart
As much as you was
For my soul a part
Hun it's time
Who changes my site


Saturday, November 26, 2016

اغار بشدة

اغار عليكي.
من ناظريكي، اذ ينظروا.
من اخوانك من اخواتك، من الربيع اذ يزهرُ.
مني انا، من شفتي اذا قبلت.
من ساعدي اذا ضمتك.
من الياسمين اذا عطرك.
من القران اذا طهرك.
من الدنيا، والاخره.
اغار بشده.
لاني، احبك بل اعشقك.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

عيون البشر

Love your eyes

I missed your eyes ray. When your heart grab me away. And, took a deep breath to say. Honey, I am in love with you. Stop, saying; I am in love with you, To anyone rather then; Me, Coz love is a thing between me n you. No one can defeated me that way. Honey, I am in love with you. Can your heart spell my name. Or does it forgotten the same. If so, just leave my game. And remember from where your love came. Honey, I am in love with you. Just keep your smile on my face. And keep me with love as an ace. Like a warrior in a shielded castle as a case. Honey, I am in love with you. At the end here is my advice. For you, keep our love as nice. Hun, never through me like a dice. Coz; Honey, I am in love with you.